Converting your calories to Kalori coin

Let’s walk through the steps of converting your daily active calories to Kalori Coin.

  1. Track/Record your active calories during workouts: This can be done using any fitness tracking device of your choice (Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, FitBit, Garmin, Xiaomi, etc.).
  2. Sync to your phone (iOS, Android): synchronize your fitness metrics post workout to your smart phone.
  3. Launch Kalori app on your phone and log: open the Kalori app installed on your phone. This should display your current active calories for the day. Swipe down on the screen if necessary to refresh. Use the log calories button to update the “Total logged”.
  4. Convert calories to Kalori coin: Click the “Convert Calories” button on the home screen. This would take you to the conversion screen. Follow the on screen instructions.

Workout app showing synced metrics from an outdoor walk
Kalori app home screen with log and convert calories button
Kalori app conversion screen with total calories logged

Some helpful tips to keep in mind about logging and converting your active calories include:

  • Calories need to be logged daily as your fitness devices generally resets at the start of the day. Calories not logged by the end of the day will be lost.
  • You can set a daily reminder from the settings icon on the home screen to help you remember to log your calories everyday.
  • You can log your active calories multiple times during the day. The app is smart enough to incrementally update your logged numbers.
  • There is a conversion threshold to be met before you’re able to convert your calories. This is usually displayed on the conversion screen. Also note that you can only convert your calories 24 hours after logging.
  • Swipe down on the home screen to refresh and get your latest numbers. This can be done either post syncing or post conversion and displays the updated figures.
  • Google Fit and Apple health is required for android and iOS devices respectively. These apps help collate your fitness metrics from whatever smart device you’re using and calculates your active calories making it easier to log. Download using these links: Fit / Health.

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