What can I do with Kalori coin?

Here are some things to keep in mind about the Kalori token ($KLR):

  • As with any crypto asset, holding on to your tokens is usually the best strategy as it tends to appreciate over time.
  • $KLR is listed on ZooCoin (a decentralized exchange) where it’s available for trading. $FTM (Fantom) is the trading pair.
  • There will be several use cases for your tokens in the future including coupon redemption within the app that can be used towards fitness apparels/devices, gym access, program passes and so many others.
Below is the Kalori road map to give you an idea of what’s coming in the next months:

  • Q1 2021:

    Strategy & team building. | Research & technology investigations. | Development & beta testing. | Initial project environment setup.

  • Q2 2021:

    User acquisition & community building campaign (twitter, discord, telegram, etc). | Kalori coin (KLR) presale*. | Initial mobile app rollout/campaign/support

  • Q3 2021:

    Kalori coin IDO (initial DEX offering). | Airdrop (1st of many). | App updates/support & development/improvements. | Community polls and engagement surveys.

  • Q4 2021:

    New & exciting features designed to increase app usage (profile, leaderboards, leagues, challenges and limited edition NFT awards). | More in-app rewards. | Strategy & team expansion.

  • H1 2022:

    Kalori shop/coupon central. | External collaborations & partnerships (gyms, fitness centers, sports apparel, sponsors, etc).

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